Needlepoint Belt Patterns

There are many needlepoint belt patterns that you should choose from when it comes to buying a needlepoint belt. A needlepoint belt is one of the most fashionable accessories that any man can have. It is made using needlepoint stitches on the canvas. This belt is finished using leather and a quality buckle on its end. Many men look great when they wear needlepoint belts at their workplaces, cocktail parties, golf courses and other places. Wearing this belt will set you apart from other men who wear run-on-the-mill belts. You can make a statement about your hobbies, college or interests by wearing a needlepoint belt that has a unique pattern.

Different patterns

There are different patterns or themes of needlepoint belts that you should choose from. This makes it possible for you to use your preferred pattern to make a statement with your belt. Among the most common patterns of needlepoint belts that you need to choose from include collegiate sports, plaid, fish, flags, nautical, hobbies, hunting, birds and animals, mermaids and beer among others. It is also possible to have a needlepoint belt whose pattern shows the love that you feel for your partner with a symbol of love. Such a belt is ideal for a woman to buy as a gift for a special man in her life such as a husband or a boyfriend.

Custom patterns for needlepoint belts

We know the importance of having fully customized needlepoint belts and why you need unique patterns for needlepoint belts. Designing a needlepoint belt requires more than a canvas and a few other materials. You must be creative to come up with unique patterns of needlepoint belts. Our experts are always working hard to come up with unique patterns of needlepoint belts. If you need a custom pattern or design of a needlepoint belt, we will come up with it for you. You just need to share your ideas with us and we will help you.

Patterns from different artists

We have a vast collection of patterns for needlepoint belts from different artists. This enables us to offer you different styles, topics and stitching abilities any time you buy needlepoint belts from us. You can always view our wide range of patterns for needlepoint belts to determine the pattern that impresses you before you buy your needlepoint belt from us. Our work is to ensure that you get the most attractive custom needlepoint belt with a pattern that enables you to make a fashion statement.

Best deal on personalized needlepoint belts

You want to look great by having a needlepoint belt with a unique pattern but you are not ready to spend a fortune on the belt. Since we know this, we offer you superior quality needlepoint belts with unique patterns at the most reasonable prices. Simply share your pattern ideas with us or view some of the patterns that we have. We assure you not just amazing needlepoint belt patterns, but also the best deal on the needlepoint belts that you buy from us.

Needlepoint Belt Finishing

Needlepoint belt finishing play a very important role of ensuring that your needlepoint belt looks better. To finish any stitching, you need to follow certain points. Sometimes, you might have a needlepoint belt that has some parts of the entire design missing. This could be probably because the person that was making the belt forgot to add extra edge on the needlework. The extra stitching creates a space for fudge factor for finishers. However, with tent stitches or probably continental, it is possible to frame edges with a simple boarder. Any stitch can work but it requires some professionalism to do the finishing and that is where we come in.

Belt length matters

We can finish needlepoint belts for you. The needlepoint should be more than 7 inches when compared to the length of your belt. For instance, if your belt measures 38 inches, which is ideal for a 36 inches waist pants, the needlepoint should measure 31 inches or more. 2 inches should be left on plain stitching on every end of the belt to avoid losing any important design while finishing the needlepoint belt with a leather end.


While finishing needlepoint belts for our customers, we use threads made of superior quality materials. In most cases, we go by the choice of our customers. Most customers prefer nylon threads on the top to ensure that the threads do not interfere with the original work. We ensure that the selected threads match the leather.


Buckles of needlepoint belts are very important. The buckle is a major point that most people see whenever they look at your belt. While finishing needlepoint belts for our customers, we use solid brass buckles that have a gold color or ones with silver plating. You can specify the buckles that you want us to use for your needlepoint belts or allow us to choose the buckles to use with your belts.


Our prices are flexible. They are mainly dependent on the amount of work that you want us to do while finishing your belts. Nevertheless, our ultimate goal is to ensure that the final belts that you receive once you hire our needlepoint finishing services meet your unique needs.

100 percent satisfaction guarantee

We finish needlepoint belts using solid brass buckles and real leather. Quality of the work that we do for you is guaranteed once you hire our needlepoint finishing services. All you have to do is to ensure accurate measurements of your belt and share the details of your belt with us. Remember that how your needlepoint belt is finished is very important and it will determine how the belt will look once you wear it. This is why you must ensure that the person who finishes your needlepoint belts knows how to do the job. Trust us to finish your needlepoint belts just the way you desire.Watch our youtube video where needlepoint belt is a superior quality belts that will enable you to make a fashion statement everywhere you go.

Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Needlepoint belt canvases are made of different materials but cotton is the most common material. These canvases are also available in varying colors. Cotton makes washing and handling the canvases easier. Canvases are also available in different mesh sizes or openness degree.

Mono needlepoint canvases

These are also called single mesh canvases. It is the most common canvas that you will find in the current market. It comes in different sizes typically ranging from 7 to 18. The size of the canvas is related to the total threads number per inch. Thus, a canvas that has a smaller number has larger holes or the weave is more open. A canvas of size 18 is ideal for small projects or where the belts should have a very detailed design. Working a size 18 canvas will require more time than working a size 10 even if the dimension is the same. Beginners who want to know how to needlepoint should start with size 10 needlepoint canvas. Basically, the choice of the needlepoint canvas should depend on the thread that you intend to use. Ideally, threads should glide through the chosen mesh smoothly. A too small mesh will shred threads. If a mesh is too large, the canvas will be covered by the thread leaving canvas to show through. Therefore, consider not just the design of your stitch but the thread as well when choosing your mesh size.

Interlock canvas for needlepoint

This is a single weave canvas just like the mono canvas. However, it has twisted threads that make more rigid intersections. The intersections are harder which makes it possible for the canvas to accommodate different stitches. It is ideal for stitching continental needlepoint stitches.

Penelope canvas

This is basically a double weave canvas for needlepoint belts. Thus, it has two threads instead of one. The threads are woven together forming a mesh. The canvas is very popular for the petit point. This is where canvas threads split making it easier to make small stitches that form a fine detail. It is available in mesh size of 10/20. It is 10 holes only per inch counting large holes as well as 20 holes counting all holes per inch.

Get ideal canvases for needlepoint belts

We know how important quality canvases are when it comes to making needlepoint belts. Our goal is to offer you the best deal on superior quality canvases. We have a vast collection of professionally designed and made canvases. It does not matter whether you need single weave or double weave canvases. You will find them with our vast collection. Our canvases are reasonably priced.

Personalized canvas

In the past, there were a few designs of needlepoint belts designs. Today, there are many designs of needlepoint belts due to the vast collection of hand painted canvases. Our vast collection will enable you to find unique canvases for your belts. We will add initials and other design elements you want to personalize your needlepoint belt canvases. Buy your canvases from us to get the ideal products for your needlepoint belts project.


Needlepoint refers to counted thread embroidery that entails stitching a yarn via stiff open weave canvas. The canvas is covered completely by most designs of this embroidery. Although it can be worked in different stitches, its designs are commonly used in a simple tent stitch while relying on changes in colors in the yarn to construct a pattern. The detail degree depends on thread count that underlies the mesh fabric. When worked on the fine canvas, it is called petit point. Since it is inherently stiff, this embroidery is commonly used in making pillows, belts, eyeglass cases, purses, holiday ornaments, upholstery and wall hangings.Classic look

Items made of using this embroidery such as belts have a classic look. They are worn by both men and women. These belts have different patterns including pictorial, floral and geometric.  Prints of animals like leopards and zebra are also used with this form of embroidery and they make a wardrobe more playful. We know how important having a fully customized belt is. This is why we allow you to design a belt using this embroidery so that you can have a belt design or pattern that suits your needs. We ensure professional finishing for your belt so that it can remain to be your favorite accessory for many years in the future.


Different materials can be used when stitching. These include cotton, silk, wool or a combination of different materials like silk and wool. Different fibers can be used and stitches can be plain to cover a single thread intersection with one orientation. Different embroidery canvases are also used. The choice of the materials that are used to make belts using this embroidery technique depends largely on the kind of belt that you are making. To ensure that the belts that we make and sell last longer, we use carefully selected, quality materials.

Ideal services

Using this embroidery method to make a belt is not easy. It requires expertise that you might not have. However, if a belt is made by an expert using this technique, its final look is amazing. This is why you should use our services to design a customized belt using this technique. We have experienced craftsmen that are always looking for better ways of designing and making quality belts using this technique. They ensure that belts are not only designed and stitched professionally, but also that ends are finished neatly. This ensures that Good Threads to make the custom belt for you. The belt that you get from us is pinned tautly to your size.

Affordable belts

We make quality belts using this technique and sell them at reasonable prices. We want you to get a belt that will always enable you to make a statement everywhere you go having it on. The vast experience of our experts when it comes to using this embroidery technique to make belts makes it easier for them to make quality belts with us. Goodthread offers you the best deal on quality needlepoint belts any time.

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