Which pubs in Newcastle serve the finest locally brewed ales?

11 June 2024

From the banks of the River Tyne to the vibrant city streets, Newcastle is renowned for its vibrant pub culture and legendary ales. The city's bars and pubs are not only known for their lively atmosphere and welcoming locals but also for their vast selection of beers, many of which are crafted in local breweries. In the city of Newcastle, beer is not just a beverage—it's a way of life. For a true taste of Geordie culture, you must delve into the city's vast variety of ales and pubs. But in a city that is practically brimming with bars, which pubs serve the finest locally brewed ales? Let's find out.

A Journey along the Tyne: The Best Riverside Pubs

A stroll along the quayside offers not only breathtaking views of the Tyne, but also a plethora of riverside pubs. Here, you'll find a blend of modern bars and traditional pubs, many of which serve locally brewed ales, offering patrons the opportunity to enjoy a chilled pint while soaking in the city's stunning vistas.

The Tyne Bar, situated under the arches of Glasshouse Bridge, is one such establishment. This iconic pub offers a range of cask ales, most of which are sourced from independent breweries in and around the city. Its regular beer festivals are a testament to the pub's commitment to promoting local brewers.

Another quayside gem is The Bridge Tavern. Equipped with its own in-house microbrewery, the Tavern not only serves up traditional cask ales but also brews its own distinct beers. Pair this with their menu boasting locally sourced food, and you have a gastronomic treat.

The Heart of the City: Ale Havens in City Centre Pubs

In the heart of the city, the beer scene thrives with diversity. In this bustling centre, you will find an array of pubs that not only serve great food, but also feature an extensive selection of ales, both local and international.

The Bacchus on High Bridge Street is one such establishment, renowned for its extensive beer menu. This traditional pub takes pride in serving the best ales from the North East, and frequently rotates its beer offerings to feature the best from local breweries.

Another beer paradise in the city centre is The Town Wall, not far off from Central Station. This trendy pub is known for its broad selection of craft beers and cask ales. Here, you'll find an abundance of local beers, from Newcastle's own Hadrian Border Brewery to the Tyne Bank Brewery.

A Sip of History: Traditional Ale Pubs

If you wish to relish your ale in an environment steeped in history, Newcastle's traditional pubs are the perfect destinations. Laden with historical charm, these pubs not only offer quality ales but also provide a glimpse into the city's past.

For a taste of history, head to The Crown Posada on Side. This Grade II listed building, with its heritage interior and vintage charm, offers an unbeatable ambiance. While the bar itself might be small, its selection of ales, including several locally brewed options, is anything but.

The Bodega on Westgate Road is another pub rich in history, dating back to the 19th century. Here, you can enjoy a wide range of ales from the North East and beyond, all in a setting that harks back to the Victorian era.

Modern Brews: The Craft Beer Scene

In recent years, Newcastle's craft beer scene has flourished. As a result, a new breed of pubs has emerged, focusing on innovative, experimental beers.

The Split Chimp on Forth Street is one such establishment. As Newcastle's first micropub, it was founded with the aim of promoting local craft beers. Here, you can sample a range of cask ales and craft beers, many of which are brewed within a stone's throw of the bar itself.

Meanwhile, at The Bridge Tavern's brewpub, you can find an enticing range of craft beers, brewed on-site. With a constantly rotating tap, you'll find that each visit offers a unique beer experience.

Newcastle's pubs offer a rich patchwork of vibrant history, diverse beer offerings, and warm hospitality. From traditional ale houses to modern brewpubs, these establishments form an integral part of the city's identity. Whether you're a beer connoisseur or a casual pub-goer, the city's thriving beer scene promises an unforgettable experience.

Live Music and Brews: The Thriving Pub Scene

As you explore the city's vibrant nightlife, you'll find that music and beer often go hand in hand in many pubs of Newcastle. These establishments offer an immersive experience, where patrons can enjoy live music performances while savoring expertly crafted ales.

One standout location is The Cumberland Arms. Nestled in the Ouseburn Valley, this pub is revered for its commitment to live music and local ales. The venue's eclectic music scene is perfectly complemented by its vast beer selection, featuring an array of locally brewed cask ales and craft beers.

Another must-visit pub that combines music and beer to great effect is The Cluny. Situated in the heart of Ouseburn, this pub hosts regular live music events, offering a fitting backdrop to an extensive beer list. The Cluny's beer selection focuses on locally brewed ales, but also showcases a variety of keg beers from around the world.

The Al Fresco Experience: Pubs with Beer Gardens

For those looking to enjoy their beer under the open sky, several pubs in Newcastle offer beer gardens. These outdoor spaces provide a wonderful setting to sip on a pint while soaking in the city's atmosphere.

The Free Trade Inn, located on the banks of Tyne, boasts one of the best beer gardens in the city. Here, you can enjoy a vast range of locally brewed cask ales, craft beers, and keg beers, all while basking in panoramic views of the iconic Tyne Bridge and Newcastle city skyline.

Another pub with a notable beer garden is The Brandling Villa in South Gosforth. Known for its dog-friendly approach, this pub's beer garden is a hit during sunny days. Its beer selection includes a variety of offerings from local breweries like Wylam Brewery and Full Circle.

Conclusion: A Toast to Newcastle's Pub Culture

In conclusion, Newcastle offers an incredibly diverse and exciting pub scene, teeming with establishments serving an impressive range of locally brewed ales. From riverside pubs like The Tyne Bar and The Bridge Tavern to city centre hotspots such as The Bacchus and The Town Wall, there's a pub for every taste. Whether you prefer traditional ale pubs like The Crown Posada and The Bodega or are seeking modern craft beer venues like The Split Chimp, Newcastle has you covered. Adding to this, the city's live music pubs and alfresco beer gardens further enrich the local pub experience.

The city's pubs are the perfect places to sample the best of the North East's brewing culture, from cask ales to craft beers. So, the next time you find yourself in Newcastle, whether near the Grainger Market, Central Station, or by the Tyne, step into a local pub. You'll not only get a pint of quality ale but also a large slice of Geordie warmth and hospitality. After all, in Newcastle, beer is much more than just a beverage – it's a way of life.

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